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It was an incredible experience to pack our bags and plan a wedding in Austria!  We had the pleasure of working with this sweet family a few years ago, planning 2 stunning Birmingham weddings for their other daughters.  Of course we were thrilled to have an opportunity to work with them again!  The groom was from Austria and it was fun to incorporate his traditions into this European soirée.  A few words about the wedding from the beautiful bride

How did you meet?
René and I met working for the same hotel in Austin, Texas. As he is from Austria, when we met, his accent was very appealing to me. I remember texting my oldest sister “Laura, come to the office. This cute German started today and I’m going to marry him.” Little did I know, he is Austrian not German. A mistake I quickly learned is not taken lightly. After some time, he finally asked me out and we started casually dating. However, those work visas have a time limit and when René decided to leave the hotel, he was politely asked to leave the US as well. We dated long distance for a year, before I packed up and moved to Berlin with him. A year later, he proposed to me in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. He said romantic things, but all I kept thinking was “This is so not what I wanted to be wearing!”

What was your vision?
The vision was to be intimate, very light and airy. My sister both had receptions by Mariée Ami outside and I wanted to do the same. However, the unpredictable Austrian weather – will it rain, will it snow, no one knows! – left us with the decision to be indoors. But the domed ceilings, antique furniture, and glorious natural light kept the intimate feeling. My favorite aesthetic detail was the gold King Louis love seat we found. We used it for René and I’s seat at the dinner and it felt so nice to not sit in separate chairs. Plus, it looked amazing with the linens and candles.

What was your favorite part of planning?
It is a close tie between the invitations and the night Mariée Ami arrived. We planned the whole wedding with me in Germany and them in Birmingham so everything was over email and very funny Skype calls. When Mariée Ami finally arrived in Europe, it made everything real. We played with the linens and walked the venue. It was so fun finally getting to be in the space together and make the vision an actual reality. I’m pretty sure somewhere there’s a really great time lapse video of the transformation. The entire venue really transformed from something ‘nice’ to unforgettable.

What was your most memorable part of the day?
When they brought out the groom’s cake and the Americans started singing “Deep in the heart of Texas”. I should mention the cake was shaped like Texas. It was so fun and unforgettable. There are many other great moments, but that one brings the biggest smile to my face. Other than saying our vows, of course!

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Hilo&Ginger_Kelli+Rene_AustrianDestinationWedding_May2017-80 Kelli and Rene Blog24 Kelli and Rene Blog25 Kelli and Rene Blog26 Kelli and Rene Blog27 Kelli and Rene Blog28 Kelli and Rene Blog29 Kelli and Rene Blog30 Kelli and Rene Blog31 Kelli and Rene Blog32 Kelli and Rene Blog33 Kelli and Rene Blog34 Kelli and Rene Blog35Photography: Hilo & Ginger | Ceremony and Venue: Benedikt Stift Sankt Paul | Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids | Paper Design: Mariée Ami | Band: Baron Music | Cake: Cafe Sternweiss | Catering: Heidi Mehringer | Groom’s Attire: Tziacco Royals | Bride’s Shoes: Manolo Blahnik | Bride’s Veil: Peter Langner | Florals: Eva Konrad

Mariée Ami Weddings

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