Summer Flower Guide

It’s a new season and there’s a new lineup of luscious florals to embrace! Summer brings new colors and varieties of flowers that you’ll want to take advantage of if your nuptials are in June and July.

Cover Photo Credit: Via Shay Cochrane

While you can get this fluffy filler most of the year, it comes in fuller during summer months. Its feathery texture is beautiful in bouquets and arrangements, and adds a softness perfect for any wedding day. Astilbe also comes in a gorgeous range of pinks.

Photo Credit: Belathée Photography


This sweet star-like vine flower is definitely a stunner. It gives arrangements a garden feel that’s relaxed and romantic.  Color can range from deep burgundy purples and brighter pink for the more colorful palette.

Photo Credit: Mayesh Website

While this flower can also be obtained throughout a lot of the year, we love the varieties available during the summer months. These tall and wispy thrillers are a great accent!

Photo Credit: Mellow Stuff Mie

This is a sweet long stemmed frilly flower that comes in a multitude of colors and shades this time of year.

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Lovely lavender can be beautiful on its own or mixed in.  We love this fragrant stem no matter how you use it!

Photo Credit: Izzie Rae Photography


Everyones’ favorite flower takes the stage!  Get it in a variety of pinks, white, burgundy or the always standout Coral Charm!  Who doesn’t love this soft and fluffy star of a bloom?!

Photo Credit: Via Shay Cochrane


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