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Wedding season is in full bloom and as a wedding planner, that means so is my schedule…It’s overwhelming looking at my google calendar this time of year! Traveling for weddings, back to back meetings, getting 100 hotel boxes ready with the ribbon tied just perfectly, and dealing with last minute rain plans – no problem! However, it makes life outside of work quite the task. Luckily I’ve gained a few tricks and tools throughout the years to keep my personal life running smoothly! Here are some of my favorites…

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It is a feat trying to keep my skin healthy and refreshed with all of the traveling and late nights.  My sister introduced me Beautycounter recently and I am HOOKED – not only on the products but on their mission.  Did you know that U.S. companies are allowed to use harmful ingredients in cosmetics even though decades of studies have linked these toxins to conditions like asthma, infertility, and CANCER!?!  Ding, Ding, Ding!  Beautycounter has banned the use of more than 1,500 harmful chemicals while ensuring the highest level of performance. Here are just a few of my favorite things:

Neillies ToolsI don’t leave the house without wearing this Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer.  It is super lightweight and leaves your skin with a glow while protecting it from the sun with an SPF of 20!

Neillies Tools2After having Bruce I struggled to get an even skin tone.  This new Brightening collection, packed with Vitamin C, is an all-in-one problem solver.  I use the oil as a nightly moisturizer, apply the mask every few days for a deep clean, and the mist to set my makeup and to freshen up throughout the day.

Neillies Tools3And last but not least my favorite, the Cleansing Balm.  Nothing removes makeup like the Cleansing Balm and it leaves your skin super hydrated and soft.

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If you are interested in these products and want to see all of the other products Beautycounter has to offer please visit or email with questions.
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I have very little interest in cooking and have no time to try and figure it out!  I found myself ordering take out every night until I discovered Nourish.  I have 3 nights of gourmet meals sent to me every Sunday.   This has helped me and my family eat healthier without having to think about it!Neillies Tools6Mariée Ami is my passion!  I love every minute of it.  However, I have learned that a balanced life of work, family and exercise is far better for the mind and the soul.  When I am spinning at MPower, not only am I clearing my mind and staying fit, I am also banishing all the anxiety that comes from a very busy wedding season!

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