Vendor Spotlight: A Bryan Photo

When choosing vendors for our clients, we go for the best in the business and A Bryan Photo is just that.   I fell in love with the industry when stumbling across his blog in 2007.  Bryan was a celebrity in my eyes and I dreamed of the day I would plan a wedding worthy of him to shoot. A short while after starting Mariée Ami, I found myself working side by side with this great talent.  It was then I found out that the amazing photos came from a different way of thinking.  Bryan handles each and every client with so much care.  He gets to know our clients, their families, and what makes them happy.  He then handles the day with such grace and calmness.  He is there to capture the moments, not stage the day.  He is about quality over quantity and for this, we continue to hire him wedding after wedding.

From Bryan…
Neillie and her team set their vendors up to succeed. They allow us to focus on our specific service or skill set. They remove mental clutter and obstacles. I’m not worried about timing and schedule. Transportation is set. Bouquets and boutonnieres are in the proper places for portraits. Families are informed and well cared for.

All of this creates an atmosphere of comfort for my most important subjects – the couple. When a day feels right, the photos will follow. When a day is planned well, I’m able to just react and create. And as a creative, there is no greater gift. This is why Mariée Ami is the best.
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