Earth Friendly Wedding Ideas

In honor of Earth Day 2016 we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to be a little more eco-friendly on your wedding day!

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Don’t let all those beautiful flowers go to waste! Donate them to a local charity to reuse at hospitals, nursing homes and hospice.  They are sure to brighten someone else’s day too!
Photo: Dixie Pixel | Flowers: Rosegolden
227855d9-474e-77ec-ec16-e255b3456a6f~rs_729.hEncourage your guests to grow a garden by handing out seed packets for favors.  Easily customizable with your wedding colors and fonts, and budget friendly!
Photo: Lavender and Twine
McBride_Blog31Eat locally and in season.  You can’t beat the Hot and Hot tomato salad on an Alabama summer night!
Photo: Amy Arrington
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Save paper and use one large seating chart.  Not only is this eco-friendly, but with the right designer this can make quite a stunning statement at your reception!
Photo: Rebecca Hollis
PILK27 PILK28Throw biodegradable confetti for your exit!  Now you can even customize your colors to coordinate with the rest of your day – plus the photos always turn out great!
Photo: Kellen Jacob

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