So Thankful!

For today’s very special Thanksgiving post we are dishing and few of the many things we are thankful for this year!

“I’m Thankful for the group of amazing women I work with everyday and the joy they not only bring to me but to each of our brides and families.”

“I’m thankful for wonderful my family”
“My healthy, happy boys was the first thing I thought of!”
Thanksgiving20154 SB-BHM-Sugar-1CAROLINE:
“Good health, my work family, husband Brett and our “first born,” Jake (the GSP)…and Sugar in Crestline Village! Can I get an Amen?!”
Thanksgiving20156 Thanksgiving20157 Thanksgiving20158MARY:
“I’m thankful for my adorable son Willy, family, our dog Izzy, friends, thin mint Oreos, the ability to work doing what I love, and also Sugar in Crestline!” 
Thanksgiving20159 Thanksgiving201510LOUISE:
“I am thankful for great friends, family, Billy, my pups and RED wine!”

Favorite Things

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