Elizabeth & Tres Engagement Session

Summer is wrapping up and hints of autumn are around the corner.  We thought their sweet engagement session was just right for this week.  A Bryan Photo did a beautiful job of not only capturing Elizabeth and Tres but their adorable pup too.  It’s not surprising such their wedding turned out pretty spectacular too.

2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-0012015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-005 2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-008 2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-009 2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-011 2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-012 2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-014 2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-015 2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-017 2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-018 2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-020 2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-022 2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-023 2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-025 2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-029 2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-032 2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-033 2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-037 2015_04_08_Elizabeth&Tres-038Photo Credit: A Bryan Photo


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