All I want for Christmas…

With the holidays right around the corner we thought it would be fun to ask our staff what they are pining for this season!



1. Neillie wants some new sunglasses like these from Madewell

2. Neillie is also on the lookout for a new house!

3. Tara wants her closet re-styled by Miss Moxie

4. Mary is hoping for some Liz Legg necklaces

5. Mary would also love a FitBit

6. Louise would like a getaway vacation – maybe Turks & Caicos?

7. Emma wants some Santel Blush Tom Ford perfume

8. & 9. Louise would also like to renovate her bathroom and a roomba!

10. Tara also has her eye on a bike rack for her car

11. Holiday traveling calls for new luggage from Longchamp for Emma

Favorite Things

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