A Circus Party

I was recently asked to start thinking about a first birthday party idea for a January birthday girl and the circus came to mind! As a child I always knew that January meant clowns, cotton candy, popcorn and balloons…I loved … Continue reading

An Outdoor September Wedding

Last week, I was hired by a sweet girl to help plan her September 2010 wedding. I am so excited! Her dreams are leading her to an outdoor wedding in a “rustic, but elegant” barn in the mountains of Mentone, … Continue reading

Rustic Meets Elegance

My sister Hannon came to my house for dinner last night and told story after story about an amazing farm wedding she attended this weekend! Everything from the plantation atmosphere, to the creamed spinach served at the rehearsal dinner, to … Continue reading

Sweet Sixteen

Oh what it would be like to be 16 again…driving a hunk a junk Sabb convertible, listening to The Dave Matthew’s Band and living for Friday night football…..oh the good old days! I got a glimpse of the good old … Continue reading

Fashion For The Fight

Thank you all for coming to Fashion For The Fight Thursday night. As an event designer and coordinator, I love to plan anything, but planning an event that gives back to our community adds purpose and meaning to all the … Continue reading